Amicus Brief Regarding the Disproportionate Adverse Effect of Eviction on Black Families

On July 24, HLAB and the ACLU filed an amicus brief in Matorin v. Commonwealth on behalf of the ACLU and social scientists Matthew Desmond, William J. Berman, Justin Steil, and David Robinson. The brief demonstrates that eviction has a disparate impact on Black families, and Black women in particular.

“Enjoining the Moratorium’s temporary ban on eviction filings and execution of judgments for possession would have a disproportionate negative impact on Black families, especially Black women, who face eviction at higher rates and race-based discrimination in the rental market. As is well known and likely explored in detail in other amicus briefs, these same Black families have been hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. The public has an urgent and compelling interest in advancing racial and gender justice for Black Americans and undermining the vestiges of slavery and de jure segregation that manifest in today’s rental market. For these reasons among others, the Amici Curiae submit that granting the injunction sought in this case would harm, rather than promote, the public interest and urge the Court to deny the request.”

Read the full brief here.