Wage & Hour

After a Needs Assessment Report in 2003-2004 showed that fair wage cases fit our dual goals of serving low income communities and providing students with meaningful learning opportunities, the Bureau began accepting cases for our Wage and Hour practice in 2005. In these cases, we represent clients who have been denied adequate compensation for their employment.

We represent both individuals and small groups of individuals who seek to recover unpaid or underpaid wages or benefits from their employers. We will negotiate with former employers and/or file state and federal claims on our clients’ behalf in order to recover wages that were promised and never paid, or wages and benefits that were paid but that did not meet federal and state requirements such as the employer’s obligation to pay the minimum fair wage, overtime pay, or vacation pay.

We are currently doing community outreach with local organizations to solicit new cases for our growing Wage & Hour practice and to better develop our service in this area.