Bureau Organization

The Legal Aid Bureau consists of approximately 50 student members, 16 Summer Fellows, and a number of clinical staff. Throughout its nearly century-long history, the Bureau has proudly remained a student-run organization.

Bureau Members

Bureau members are responsible for handling all aspects of cases, determining client intake, participating in the Bureau’s administration, maintaining practice standards, and advocating for new practice areas where there is need. Policy issues are decided by the Bureau’s Board of Directors, a student-elected group. All Bureau members have opportunities to voice their opinions and concerns and and to contribute their ideas about the Bureau’s practice standards and policy issues.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the development and implementation of policies for the Bureau’s administration and practice. Its positions and responsibilities are as follows:

  • President – provides leadership and cohesiveness to the Bureau community and serves as the representative to the Law School administration, Bureau alumni and the greater Boston community.
  • Executive Director – manages the Bureau’s casework and operations, including capacity and staffing.
  • Vice President for Practice Standards – serves as president as needed and oversees case closings, quality assurance, and client records.
  • Vice President for Membership – recruits new members, determines the criteria by which new applicants will be evaluated, and organizes Bureau social events.
  • Secretary-Treasurer – keeps minutes of all Bureau meetings while overseeing the annual budget and the Bureau’s permanent records.
  • Training Director – maintains the Bureau’s educational standards.
  • Intake Director – sets intake policy and procedure, facilitates intake decisions and contact with potential clients.
  • Outreach Director – works with client communities, other legal service providers, Harvard Law School, and the general public to strengthen the Bureau’s client services and its relationship with the greater Boston community.
  • Communications Director – coordinates Bureau publicity on campus and in the greater Boston community.
  • Alumni Director –  manages relationships within the Bureau alumni network, and works with alumni committees.

Summer Fellows

Summer Fellows are law students who work full-time during Harvard Law School’s summer recess to ensure the Bureau’s clients receive excellent legal representation. With the guidance and support of the Bureau’s clinical staff, Fellows serve as the primary case handlers, making all final decisions regarding case management.

Clinical Staff

The Harvard Legal Aid Bureau has the privilege of working with a clinical staff dedicated to pedagogical and professional development of its student attorneys. Acting as attorneys of record, educators, and mentors, the clinical staff advise Bureau members and Fellows on their cases and attend court appearances with their student attorneys.