Since 1914, between 20 and 25 students are selected annually through a competitive application process during their first year of Harvard Law School and make a two-year commitment to the organization. For more information about the selection competition, please look at the “Apply to the Bureau” section.



Michael Banerjee
Richard Barbecho
Kamala Buchanan
Willy Chotzen-Freund
Billy Conway

Karin Drucker

Maddy Finucane

Julian Jiggetts

Grace Lee

Peter Lu

Maddie Lupino

Miranda Mammen

Allena Martin

Alex Milvae

Danielle Moody

Kenneth Parreno

Emanuel Powell

Molly Rockett

Elizabeth Soltan

Zach Sosa

Estefania Torres

Jianing Xie


Dianisbeth Acquie
Haley Adams
Princess Daisy Akita
Jason Colin
Kenny Crouch
Laura Graham
Joey Herman
Felipe Hernandez
Dara Jackson-Garrett
Nate Jester
Chad Mata
Cherry Mullaguru
Arabella Okwara
Jeremy Ravinsky
Li Reed
Dan Reis
Sam Rodriguez
Donna Saadati-Soto
Shelby Smith
Martina Tiku
Malikah Williams
Ivy Yan
Eric Yang